C166 Development Tools

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Keil development tools for the XC16x, C16x, and ST10 Microcontroller Architectures support every level of developer from the professional applications engineer to the student just learning about embedded software development.

The industry-standard Keil C Compilers, Macro Assemblers, Debuggers, Real-time Kernels, Single-board Computers, and Emulators support the widest variety of C16x derivatives and help you get your projects completed on schedule.

The Keil 166 Development Tools are designed to solve the complex problems facing embedded software developers.

  • When starting a new project, simply select the microcontroller you use from the Device Database and the µVision IDE sets all compiler, assembler, linker, and memory options for you.
  • Numerous example programs are included to help you get started with the most popular embedded 166 devices.
  • The Keil µVision Debugger accurately simulates on-chip peripherals (I²C, CAN, UART, SPI, Interrupts, I/O Ports, A/D Converter, D/A Converter, and PWM Modules) of your 166 device. Simulation helps you understand hardware configurations and avoids time wasted on setup problems. Additionally, with simulation, you can write and test applications before target hardware is available.
  • When you are ready to begin testing your software application with target hardware, use the MON166 Target Monitor or the ULINK USB-JTAG Adapter to download and test program code on your target system.

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